Data Schema Specification File

Data Schema Specification Files are products of MetaStudio when defining data schemas for Web pages. The files are stored on MetaCamp server in folder $CATALINA/work/MetaCamp/context/extraction/meta/<them_name>. At the same time when producing the files in this type, MetaStudio generate a set of Data and Clue Extraction Instruction Files(DCEIF) for the data schemas being defined. In fact, the instruction files act as HTML wrappers for extracting data from the Web.

The specification files are in format of XML with names suffixed by .meta.xml. Because the files are produced and consumed only by MetaStudio, in other words, they are not used during integrating MetaSeeker with other Web services, their contents and structures are not stated in detail here.

Note: It may not be the best ways to store the files in Tomcat's folder work, because the folder may be cleaned when Tomcat is updated. Let's take an example. a MetaCamp server is installed on Fedora Linux. When Tomcat is updated via Yum service, the work folder may be cleaned. Prevent works from being lost, they should be backed up in advance.