Steps to order Web data extraction services

Generally, there are the following main steps to order Web data extraction services:

  1. Via email, please tell use your requirements which should at least contain the follows:
    • The target URL if the content on a specific page will be extracted. For example, a piece of news or an article want to be extracted.
    • The scope of the target site and the URL of a sample page. For example, items on yellow pages or product lists on eCommerce sites are to be extracted.
    • The format of extraction results. Default is in format of XML document.
    • Time deadline for delivery
  2. Our professional service team try to extract data from the target and evaluate the difficulty. The following factors make important contributions on difficulty:
    • round trip time to access the target. It depends mostly on the location the site fixed.
    • speed on loading a page. It depends mostly on the size of the document and on number of external resources to be loaded, e.g. images or flag advertisements from 3rd party sites.
    • if there is some anti-spider mechanism, for example, limitation on number of continuous clicking
    • if there is a challenging method for human beings.
    • total number of target pages. In normal cases, more target pages, lower is unit price.
  3. After the task has been evaluated, we email you the quotation and terms & conditions on payment & delivery. Sample data extraction results will be appended.
  4. Confirmation mutually
  5. You pay for the service according to payment terms
  6. We deliver the extraction results according to delivery terms

If you want to know the unit price of this service, please visit Price of professional Web data extraction service.