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MetaSeeker Toolkit Online V3.1.0 Released for FREE

MetaSeeker Toolkit Online V3.1.0 has been released for FREE. Compared with V2.x, the performance, usability and compatibility have been greatly improved. Please visit the following links for detailed information:

MetaSeeker toolkit now under alpha test

MetaSeeker Toolkit V3.0.0 is now under alpha test within a volunteer community. The customers of previous versions can enjoy a free data transportation service.

Compared to V2.0, MetaSeeker V3.0.0 has two differentiated features as follows:

  • improved data extraction capability against Ajax sites: More dynamic contents maintained by Javascript can be extracted.
  • semantic annotation capability: MetaSeeker is turned to be a tool in semantic web area.

MetaStudio Senior User's Handbook published

Despite a few chapters need further supplementation, all chapters referred by other manuals are finished in both English and Chinese.

Solutions channel open

The channel of "Solutions" is now open, which has been developed for a long while. Currently three solutions are presented. They are:

MetaSeeker Cook Book Vol. 2 published

This volume state how to extract product catalogs from a eCommerce site. Please read and comment it.

MetaSeeker Cook Book Vol. 1 published

MetaSeeker Cook Book volume No.1 has been published. Please read and comment it.

Web data extraction service available

We provide Web data extraction services to customers. Just tell us the requirements, we can extract data from the Web in high quality. Read service overview to lean more.

DataScraper User's Guide published

DataScraper User's Guide has been published. Every page can be commented by registered members. Please read and comment it.

MetaStudio User's Guide published

MetaStudio User's Guide has been published. Readers can comment every page during reading.

All FAQs are collected into a handbook

All FAQs are collected into a handbook which can be visited by clicking menu documentation. Click to visit the frontpage.
The book pages are categorized with hierarchical taxonomy. All pages in same category can be listed by clicking the taxonomy below the content.

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